Corporate Bodywork

Studies show that employees who feel as though their employers care for them, not only perform better, but are also willing to put in more work hours. That's why we work with local corporations and health agencies to establish employee wellness programs. In just a few short hours each month, Aaron offers everything from chair massages to fitness classes for the staff of our community partners. Bodywork comes in many forms, but always yields a positive result.

Let us tailor a health and wellness program for your staff as well! 


Fit Body bootcamp

Members of Chino Hills Fit Body Bootcamp can book a Stretch Therapy session with Aaron in the studio. Then catch his Stretching and Mobility Workshop two Saturdays a month! 

Health and Wellness is about combining all the elements of body mechanics and touch therapy. And our partners at FBBC get that! 

General cable

The folks at General Cable in Chino, California understand the value in keeping their staff healthy. And it doesn't hurt their insurance premiums either! 

Our custom designed employee wellness program includes, massage, stretching and individual health consultations for everyone on site. In just a few short hours each month, we work to improve their health and company morale all at the same time.


Contact us about opportunities for your firm or health organization. 

in-home massage Therapy

Aaron's customized individual therapy always success. He developed the BW Integrative Therapy Technique just for his clients. Enjoy relaxation and the therapeutic benefits of massage in the comfort of your own home at your convenience.